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Rigid Circuits

In response to ever increasing market requirement for pocket sized, higher speed and multi-functional electronic devices, Senkentek’s Rigid PCB business develops the most advanced High Density Interconnect(HDI) and high layer count boards across segments with production sites in China.

With extensive experiences in multi-layer, micro-via and expertise in RoHS and high-layer count infrastructure boards which offer the best signal integrity for high speed transmission and a variety of high speed low loss materials, Senkentek provides highest performing rigid boards and superior technological support to cater customers’ needs.

Production Capabilities
• 0.4 mm BGA pitch solutions
• Single sided, double sided, multilayers
• Microvia & ELIC technology
• Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)/Direct Imaging (DI)
• RoHS compatibility
• Sequential Lamination
• 46+ layers
• State-of-the-art analytical and reliability lab testing
• 16:1 aspect ratio

Additional Values for Your Business
1. Talent and Global presence: Cost effective volume production with transfer of high end technology and quality products over continents following Senkentek’s footprint.
2. Quality: Superior quality control with Variation Reduction Initiative, which sets the standard and procedure for companywide common quality goals for process improvement.
3. Customer Service: Extreme focus on customer satisfaction and technological support to satisfy customers’ needs and provide consultation on new technologies.

Products and Served Markets
Senkentek’s Rigid PCB segment serves almost all major end markets in the world, including computer, computer peripheral and server market, medical, automotive, industrial, communications and test and measurement market on top of some other new growing markets like e-readers and smartphones.

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